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iTelCom Inc. your partner Voice over IP telephony

This telephone system is cloud-based and grows with your company and your requirements.

With this solution, you can bring your companies together worldwide through extensions and save considerable roaming costs.

Your employees are on the phone, for example from the USA to Austria at no charge via the extension.

Your US employees can also make calls to Austria via the extension to Austrian customers at the local rate.

All employees can be reached worldwide with the 3CX APP on their smartphone via their extension and this is free of charge. All that is required is a data connection.

Set up conference calls easily and clearly using your PC software, smartphone APP or web client.

Microsoft Skype for Business can be easily integrated into 3CX so that you can use 3CX to make calls with other companies and Skype for Business as chat or calls for and from Skype for Business.

This is the new age of new technologies that simplify, improve and make your communication easier.

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Areas of application for your new VoIP telephone system

How to make calls on your smartphone

Use your smartphone as your office phone and you can be reached by all customers worldwide, as if you were in your office at your work place. Be available to your customers on your known number anywhere in the world.

Presentation of the software

Use the opportunity from simple global handling to cost-effective use. You will receive the cloud with maintenance and software license with moving service from your existing landline connection to the Voice over IP telephone system.

All functions of the web client

Start chats, plan conferences, signaling groups or take on secretary functions, markup and connect calls from the queue, easily via your browser and from anywhere in the world.


  • per month
  • Term 12 months
  • 8 calls at the same time
  • incl. CloudServer and license
  • quantity


  • per month
  • Term 12 months
  • 16 calls at the same time
  • including CloudSerer and license
  • quantity


  • per month
  • Term 12 months
  • 32 calls at the same time
  • incl. CloudServer and license
  • quantity

*The prices are net prices and the number of pieces depends.


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Moving service - phone number


High Quality Hardware

We only use extremely high-performance servers to guarantee you excellent call quality.

Excellent support

We maintain and administer your cloud-based telephone system for you.

Of course you can do the maintenance yourself.

Integration opportunities

You can integrate the following services into this cloud-based telephone system:

-Office 365 - an extension is automatically created when a mailbox is created. Skype for Business - Chat via Skype for Business possible.

- Software Client - CTI - choice via browser


Answering machine for each extension, SIP-FAX via email, conference, waiting, signaling groups, queues, recording of calls, digital receptionist.

Smartphone Integration

Get the free IOS / Android APP for your extension and turn your smartphone into your office phone.

This means that you can be reached internationally and make calls worldwide via your office connection.

Set up conference calls conveniently on your smartphone and invite your participants to be there, regardless of whether you are in the office or on the go.


We host your telephone system on Amazon or Google Server, depending on the requirements you place on us.

Therefore, we can guarantee a backup and restore function and can guarantee 99.9% of your communication.

Since we host your telephone system on international servers, you can always be reached, even if you shouldn't have internet in your office.

Your questions

All your communication is carried out via your own server and is encrypted with 256bit.

You can easily administer your cloud-based telephone system via your web interface, add and delete extensions or add phone numbers. You can conveniently network your locations via it or simply add other international telephone numbers and thus expand your company globally.

Of course you can receive faxes by email without having to buy a hardware fax. Unfortunately it is not possible to send faxes.

With this telephone system, you can conveniently record calls and send them to your conversation partner after the end of the call or save them as evidence.

The 3CX generates automatic backups and makes them available on your server via FTP or sends the backup via email to you. Your data can be restored within a few minutes.

With this claud-based telephone system, you are paid regardless of your employee and grows with your company. They work independently, are connected internationally via their office number via the Internet and therefore do not pay any Romaing costs. You can generate or receive conference calls and can easily manage your 3CX over the Internet. They have the best and most economical solution for sole proprietors, self-employed, companies or groups. 3CX grows with you.