Software development and adjustments

It is also one of our tasks to adapt software to you or to develop new software.

  • IOS / Android - APP developments
  • MAC OS - APP developments
  • Interface development
  • Individual web design with CMS, SQL, API interfaces,
  • Microsoft PowerShell - MS Flow and MS Dynamics customizations
  • We customize your Microsoft levels for you.

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Here you are live in the development of your application.

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  • 12 months
  • Term 12 months
  • Hosting and installation
  • 5 pages imprint, about us, home, products, contact
  • quantity

IT adaptation

  • per hour
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Azure, Flow with PowerShell
  • Live programming with project-dependent flat rate including customer login
  • quantity

Software development

  • WebDesign /PHP,HTML,JAVA,
  • IOS - Android/ API
  • Development level customer access
  • Live programming with project-dependent flat rate including customer login
  • quantity

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All plans

High quality hardware

Thanks to our daily maintenance and automatic system monitoring, which is limited to CPU, network performance, hard disk life cycle, software update service, we can guarantee you 99.9% reliability of your hardware.

Confident 24/7 support

Through the integration of WhatsAPP Chat and a high-performance ticket system as well as a team from several international regions, we can guarantee 24/7 support.

48h hardware exchange

In the event of loss of leasing equipment, we can guarantee an almost 48-hour on-site exchange.

Here we are dependent on availability and the supplier.

Agile and fast processes

Thanks to a cloud-based work platform and networking with very strong partners, we are able to almost guarantee a 48-hour hardware exchange.

Asset Managment

We have a precise overview of all your devices and software and can use this to provide you with a current list of the use of your devices.

Cloudbasierter Support

This also enables us to backup and restore your entire hard disk or individual data by remote maintenance from your global employees.

your questions

In IT outsourcing, we usually provide you with new hardware. We lease your hardware for you and provide you with the hardware for 24 months with our package including our services and Office365 licenses and CloudBackup and AssetManagment.

For these reasons, we can usually only offer you an IT outsourcing contract with a term of 24 months. If a service takeover of existing devices, the IT outsourcing period is 12 months. When employees are taken on, the terms of the contracts are individually negotiated and adjusted.

The leased hardware remains in the possession of iTelCom GmbH and we are loaned to the IT outsourcer.

In the case of existing devices, the customer remains the owner and owner of the hardware. Only the IT service, if any, and the personnel are outsourced or taken over.

For devices that we hand over to customers "new devices" and part of our above Offers are, the company iTelCom GmbH remains the owner, since we lease all devices.

When employees leave the company and there is demonstrably no replacement. Are we able to terminate the contract for this device if necessary. Here we have to pay a prepayment premium for the respective device and invoice it to you.

Of course, you can add more outsourcing devices during the term. Unfortunately, this is not the case with existing devices. All existing devices must be included in the offer.

Our offers are based on a model (Dell 55XX series with CPU I5 256 GB SDD, 8GB RAM, and 15 "1920x1080 monitor) If you prefer an individual device such as Apple, HP, we would need the exact specifications of this device for you to create an individual offer.

All devices are equipped with the latest backup cloud services, so that in the event of loss, we can immediately give you your data internationally via cloud access.

With standard devices such as Dell 55XX we can assure you an international delivery of a new device close. Here we are dependent on the supplier and availability.

The exchange and the device are covered by our leasing contract with our partner and the recovery is included in the maintenance contract of 2h / per month.

Payment is made throughout the contract with a monthly debit from your account or credit card through our payment gateway from our partner Stripe and we are always debited at the beginning of the month.

If there is insufficient funds available on your account / credit card, a direct debit or chargeback will be made. The costs incurred here will be debited together with the amount again within 7 days.

Should no debit be possible again. You will receive a reminder from us in which you have to transfer the amount including the debiting costs incurred to us within the month.

IT outsourcing computers are leasing devices and are owned by iTelCom GmbH and are only lent to the customer, so the hardware can be immediately reclaimed with a transfer fee if payments are not made.