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Web design is your figurehead for the world.

We take over the development of your homepage.

You need a content management system, website, blog or forum - no problem - we develop it together with you. Our examples below show you which type of website might be right for you.

CMS - Wordpress
Wordpress services:
  • With WordPress you can create a website that meets your personal requirements. Start a blog, a company website, a portfolio, an online shop or something completely different - there are no limits to your imagination.
  • Thanks to integrated optimization and responsive, mobile-friendly themes, you can reach whoever you want with your new website. Create a simple website for your family or sell products worldwide - it's up to you.
  • WordPress supports the creation and management of blog articles. The individual articles can be classified into different categories. In addition, tags and other self-defined taxonomies (using “custom taxonomies”) and metadata (using “user-defined fields”) can be assigned to an article. In addition to the normal presentation as a website, the blog posts are also offered to readers via web feeds in the protocols RSS 2.0, RSS 0.92, RDF 1.0 and Atom 0.3.
  • In addition to articles, WordPress can also be used to create and manage static pages outside the blog hierarchy. From version 2.6, the versioning of articles and pages is also supported. WordPress can also manage comment entries and links. There is a simple editorial system with five user roles (administrator, editor, author, employee, reader), a media gallery via which data can be uploaded, and an integrated full-text search. In addition, TinyMCE is activated as a text editor by default. In December 2018, however, TinyMCE was replaced by WordPress Gutenberg. The WYSIWYG editor can be downloaded as a plug-in for versions 4.x and higher and is permanently integrated in the new WordPress version 5.0. With the new editor, users no longer need to have CSS or HTML knowledge to design websites.

The installation and hosting for 1 year are included in our product price below.

CMS - Drupal
Drupal services:
  • Drupal consists of a core (German core), which provides the basic functionality, and modules, which offer additional functions and can be added to the system if required. As of February 2017, a total of over 36,500 modules are currently managed on Of these, over 2,625 are marked as compatible with Drupal 8 and over 12,627 as compatible with Drupal 7. These modules offer a wide range of simple, common website functions, complex tools that can be configured via the graphical user interface and extensions to the already extensive programming interfaces. [9] Around 2,500 "themes" allow a diverse graphic design of the websites. Many of these themes offer the possibility to adapt your own themes.
  • The modular structure of Drupal means that there are many possible uses. The list ranges from "one-person websites" such as personal weblogs to online communities with thousands of members.
  • Possible areas of application for the CMS Drupal are described below:
  • A single person can set up a weblog as the sole user of the CMS. However, it is also possible for several users to share a website and each have their own weblog.
  • Online communities are websites where a large number of users, each with their own user account, are responsible for the design and content of the website. Articles can be created or discussed in a forum. An administrator and moderators are responsible for monitoring and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
  • Linking pages in a linear structure is often problematic in hypertexts and CMS. The content type "Book" at Drupal offers an easy way to write and manage (together) related pages of a book - without losing the overview.
  • Built-in caching mechanisms ensure good performance
  • Drupal can use different database systems (MySQL version 4.1 or higher is recommended)
  • Built-in caching mechanisms ensure good performance
  • Numerous themes allow extensive layout adjustments
  • Connection to LDAP server / authentication and OpenID
  • Hooks: The hook system makes it possible to interact with the Drupal core and other modules.
  • Clean URLs - Drupal can generate human and machine-readable URLs (e.g. for search engines)

The installation and hosting for 1 year are included in our product price below.

CMS - Joomla.
Services from Joomla
  • Joomla is primarily used to create websites with variable, i.e. H. dynamic content that can be edited by multiple people without in-depth knowledge of website creation. Joomla distinguishes between three levels: the functional structure, the actual page content and the layout.
  • The establishment of the functional structure, often referred to with the English term management, is complex and requires profound knowledge. It is therefore often in the hands of a suitably trained individual who is referred to as an administrator. This must install Joomla on a web server, usually an Apache web server, and a MySQL database server is also required. As a rule, a finished package such as XAMPP is downloaded and a virtual web server is installed on a local computer. The desired Joomla package can then be downloaded and made ready to run offline. Only the finished website is then uploaded to a web server.
  • The page content, in English content, can now be entered by any number of authors using an easy-to-use editor such as TinyMCE. The editor can be called up using a web browser so that the authors can enter their content from anywhere with Internet access. The administrator can set individual access and write rights for each author and content via user administration. This makes it possible for some authors, for example, to influence only the content, while others can also influence the underlying functional structure. To determine the identity of the authors, access is protected by a password. Unlike when creating static websites, the authors do not have to be fluent in languages such as HTML and CSS. Through the use of JavaScript, the contributions look almost exactly as they are created in the visitor's web browser (WYSIWYG principle)
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easily expandable with various components, modules and plugins
  • Flexible and therefore easily modernizable design
  • Valid HTML and CSS (at least in the standard templates)

The installation and hosting for 1 year are included in our product price below.


  • 12 months
  • Term 12 months
  • Hosting and installation
  • Small adjustment
  • 5 pages imprint, about us, home, products, contactt
  • quantity


  • 12 months
  • Term 12 months
  • Hosting and installation
  • small adjustment
  • 5 pages imprint, about us, home, products, contact
  • quantity


  • 12 months
  • Term 12 months
  • Hosting and installation
  • small adjustment
  • 5 pages imprint, about us, home, products, contact
  • quantity

* The prices are net prices. In the 2nd year only the hosting costs of EUR 18 per month are incurred.


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The creation of your homepage is based on a cloud-based homepage as a content management system (CMS), in which you can easily make changes yourself.

Content management system is software for the joint creation, editing and organization and presentation of digital content (content) mostly for use in websites, but also in other forms of media. This content can consist of text and multimedia documents. An author with appropriate access rights can operate such a system in many cases with little or no programming or HTML knowledge, since the majority of the systems have a graphical user interface.

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