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Our it support for USA consists ...

... for over 25 years and are active in the IT area and have made numerous customers happy so far.

Our requirement for ourselves and our team is not only to help our customers solve the computer problem, but also to bring the computer closer and explain why this problem occurred

In this way, we impart knowledge to our customers and enable them to avoid future problems.

Our support process

Please follow the points below
    Before you sent us one Email, WhatsAPP Message or Submit Ticket,

    we would like to ask you to briefly remember the problem of your computer or to take a screenshot "screenshot" and send it to us in your message if necessary.

  • Please try to remember when and how the problem occurs.
  • Please, send this information via Email, WhatsAPP Message or Ticket to us.
  • Please indicate when you can be reached.
  • We use a remote maintenance program from Teamviewer.
  • As soon as we create the connection to your computer or smartphone, Teamviewer software is temporarily installed and deleted after completion.
  • You will then receive an invoice and an overview of the number of hours worked.

Afterwords, we ask you to pay our bill . The Payment could be done easily by login.

IT Support Price

IT Support Price

  • per Minute
    global remote maintenance
  • Installation configuration of software
  • PC or MAC
  • iPhone or Android
  • quantity

*The prices are net prices and the number of pieces depends.

For the best mobile support

Stay connected with us and download our IT Support APP on your smartphone.

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Our services

Software update

We take over the entire maintenance of your hardware including software updates for you. We take care of Micsooft updates or updates of the standard software, making it easier for you and your employees to work at your workplace. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and no longer need to worry about the current status of your hardware or software. We always carry out major updates in consultation with the respective user so that we do not interrupt or inhibit the valuable time of your employees. Of course, all leasing devices that we hand over to you have a "support button", via which we can be reached at any time and through which we collect information about the condition of the devices and intervene if necessary. We also inform you about license extensions and third-party providers that we were informed of when the offer was submitted.

Software installation and troubleshooting

Software installation and troubleshooting is our daily business. With the "Support Button" already shown, we are easy to reach at any time. We can also be reached via a ticket system or by email at and this internationally at a "zero cost". We install your software, configure or fix errors on your computer. Administrate your network or adapt your hardware according to your requirements. Our update service is also part of our IT outsourcing offer, as well as the cloud backup and restore service. Here we can restore the previous status of your software or restore deleted data at any time on your business trip, home office or on vacation. Depending on the amount of data, a prerequisite for this is an existing and high-performance Internet connection. e.g. CAD, administrative, accounting, Adobe, or hotel software - or similar licenses that are not part of our leasing offer are excluded from our maintenance. Some software manufacturers offer direct maintenance. We are happy to take over the mediation or consultation with the respective software manufacturer.

Hardware maintenance and analysis

Your hardware is important to us.

For these reasons, we have made it our responsibility to put together a package for you with solid and strong partners and to offer you an "all-round carefree" offer for your device, so that your hardware is always ready for use. Therefore, we also need the hardware monitoring of the CPU, memory and hard drives "life cycle" to waste a possible hardware failure and, if necessary, to have your hard drive replaced or the entire device.

An analysis is not intended for this, your employee monitor and would violate the GDPR requirements. We do not filter or analyze any user-related data, only hardware and performance data of the device.

When employees are taken on, we can also park people in the house (on-site) who enable a help desk on-site, but who are managed as external employees. The precondition here is no restriction of access and restriction for employees.

Maintenance and analysis of your network and server

Our maintenance is also achieved on the configuration and analysis of network devices e.g. Printers that we would be happy to include in maintenance for you. Please specifically ask about printer or server outsourcing. If we also take over your server or you need CloudServer from us, we also take over the maintenance of the server and network devices. Servers are maintenance and servicing more intensive, so we cannot offer package deals for servers with fewer IT outsourcing devices.

Transferring the server to an IT outsourcing package price would only be possible if there were 20 chairs. Servicing the server would also be limited to 4 hours per month.

Asset management of your systems

Do you still have an overview of how many devices and software licenses you have in use?

No? - We have an overview and provide you with a structured overview by sending you a monthly report. This includes all devices and licenses that need to be replaced or replaced.

As a result, you are always up to date at all times, have an overview of your IT costs, budget planning and can invest in other things in your company in a more future-oriented manner without paying attention to or planning for variable IT costs.

A fixed monthly price for all services of your IT. Third-party applications are exclusive, e.g. CAD, administrative, accounting, Adobe, or hotel software - or similar licenses that are not part of our leasing offer.

Global support

Our world is growing closer together. That is why we also provide you with international support, regardless of where you are in the world. It is only important that you can establish a working data connection via LAN, WLAN or mobile phone (Handy HotSpot). Press the "Support Button" and you will be connected with us.

We can provide you with this global service anywhere in the world. In addition to our support for computers or servers, we can also configure your cell phone as long as you grant us access.

Through our IOS / Android APP you also have access to our services and can also use our forum, knowledge base, WhatsAPP chat or ticket service on your mobile phone.

48h exchange of your hardware (international)

Did you lose the laptop or was it stolen?

Kein Problem, Sie können auf Ihre Daten von einem anderen laptop auf Ihre Daten zugreifen und diese aus unserer Cloud ausdrucken oder präsentieren. Innerhalb von 48h haben Sie wieder ein eigenes Gerät zur Verfügung und wir sichern Ihre gesamten Einstellungen, Favouriten, Dokumente und Emails wieder zurück auf Ihr neues Geräte. Ein Service der uns unbezahlbar macht.

All plans

High Quality Hardware*

Thanks to our daily maintenance and automatic system monitoring, which is limited to CPU, network performance, hard disk life cycle, software update service, we can guarantee you 99.9% reliability of your hardware.

Überzeugter 24\7 Support*

Through the integration of WhatsAPP Chat and a high-performance ticket system as well as a team from several international regions, we can guarantee 24/7 support.

48h Hardware Austausch*

In the event of loss of leasing equipment, we can guarantee an almost 48-hour on-site exchange.

Here we are dependent on availability and the supplier.

Agile and fast processes*

Thanks to a cloud-based work platform and networking with very strong partners, we are able to almost guarantee a 48-hour hardware exchange.

Asset Managment*

We have a precise overview of all your devices and software and can use this to provide you with a current list of the use of your devices.

Cloud-based support*

This also enables us to backup and restore your entire hard drive or individual data by remote maintenance from your global employees.

*These services are only included in a maintenance contract or IT outsourcing and not once support services.

Remote maintenance agreements

Please make a choice.

Terms and Conditions

Your questions

With IT support of one hour, we charge this hour. If additional minutes are added here, we charge € 1.25 net for each additional minute. After the services have been carried out, an exact hourly bill with invoice will be created and sent to you by email. Here you can conveniently pay for them online by credit card or bank transfer. To do this, please click


As a precaution, we refer to ours here General terms and conditions and data protection guidelines.

We only administer your device in your presence. This enables you to ensure that we do not reproduce or exchange your data, since we can track all work directly.

Furthermore, we are committed to the data protection guidelines that we observe and follow up.

Your data is important to us. Therefore, we will never open a document without your request without your approval.

Teamviewer is software that we need for our remote maintenance.

The use of this software can be divided into three differences.

1. Helpdesk Function

2. Remote monitoring

3. Server

For our services in the area of customer service and help desk, we only use the help desk variant, which is only installed on your device for the duration of the session and is uninstalled again after completion.

Without this software, access to your computer is not possible. Nor can we access your computer from a technical point of view without your consent.

The connection to you can only be made by a verified participant.

Here the administrator's computer is verified, so that we can subsequently determine which administrator has connected to which customer. The remote connection is also logged so that in the event of discrepancies we can prove and prove what has been done and whether data has been moved by the administrator and how much data. It is not recorded what data and the content. So that this also complies with data protection.

This gives the customer and we more security for proof.

You can simply use our invoice Customer Login to check, modify, pay, complain or offer installments.

You can always sign up here for free using, Customer forum or Knowledge Base

Please only use your customer login for this.