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iTelCom Inc. your partner for Microsoft Office365 Solutions.

Use the advantages of global interactive collaboration with your business partners, customers or employees and this via PC, MAC or smartphone. The new way of working.

Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud-based and collective work platform for modern and international companies, but also for the self-employed and individuals who want to simplify their way of working and want to share with companies or customers.

With Office365 you start your project on your computer at work and end it on your smartphone, share or modify it and you can send it easily.

With Office365 you have the future-oriented possibilities for your StartUP company and your IT infrastructure grows with your requirements without having to buy new servers or software solutions.

iTelCom Inc. helps you integrate your existing infrastructure in Office365 and solves your move from domain and emails.

Of course, we also make adjustments to Microsoft Flow, PowerAPPS and MS Dynamics for you and your requirements in Dynamics.

Welcome to our wonderful world. We sincerely hope that each and every user entering our website will find exactly what he/she is looking for. With advanced features of activating account and new login widgets, you will definitely have a great experience of using our web page.

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Examples for Microsoft Teams

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Go-to guide for team owners on MS Teams

Cooperation in Office365

This is OneDrive with SharePoint

Sharing and collaborate Dokuments

Using Micosoft OneOne in Classroom

our best possible service for you:*
  • Integration of Office365 in your existing IT infrastructure
  • Moving your emails and domains to Microsoft Office 365
  • Installation of Office365 on your end devices
  • Adaptation of Microsoft Office 365 to your requirements
  • Explanations from Microsoft Office 365
  • Global support -
  • Webinars for Office365

Optionally, we can offer you the takeover of your previous IT employees and existing devices. Please indicate this when placing a non-binding offer order.

*These services are optional and subject to a charge.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

  • User / month
  • Term 24 months
  • The best choice for companies that need Microsoft Teeams and cloud storage.
  • Desktop versions of Office applications are not included.
  • Included Office applications Web and mobile people from Word, Excel and PowerPoint are included
  • included services - Exchange, Onedrive, Sharepoint, Teams
  • quantity

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

  • User / month
  • Term 24 months
  • The best choice for companies that have office applications on their devices plus email
  • for business, cloud file storage, online storage and chat.
  • Office applications included: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (only for PC) Access (only for PC)
  • included services - Exchange, Onedrive, Sharepoint, Teams,
  • quantity

Micosoft 365 Business Premium

  • User / month
  • Term 24 months
  • The best choice for companies that have the functionality of Business Standard plus
  • need cyber threats and advanced device management.
  • Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (PC) Access (PC)
  • containing services- Exchange, Ondrive, Sharepoint,Teams, Intune, Azure Information Protection
  • quantity

*The prices comes incl. Tax.


About Microsoft Business licenses

Microsoft365 Business Basic Microsoft365 Business Standard Microsoft365 Business Premium
1. Web and mobile version
Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote
Joint document creation in real time
2. Email and calendar
Email hosting with 50 GB mailbox
Use your own domain names
Email for companies with Exchange
Manage your own calendars, share available meeting appointments
Schedule meetings using shared calendars
3. File storage and sharing
1 TB OneDrive cloud storage for storage and sharing
Save files to OneDrive or Sharepoint after editing.
Changes are automatically synchronized on your devices.
Share files with external contacts via access or guest links
Share and send documents and emails securely
Open and sync files from PC, Mac, or mobile device
4. Teamwork and communication
Hold online meetings and video calls with up to 250 participants with Microsoft Teams
Chat in MS teams from the desk or on the go
Bring chats, meetings, files and applications together in one MS Team and work seamlessly in a team
Create a SharePoint team website to share information, content and files across the intranet
5. Security and compliance
Protect email with Exchange Online Protection for Spam, malware, and known threats
Important to set up international, regional and industry-specific standards and regulations
Set security groups and permissions
Define password policies, require users to change their password.
6. Support and deployment
Telephone and online support around the clock
High availability of 99.9%
Maximum number of users 300 300 300
Licensed for business use
7. Desktop versions for Office applications for PC and Mac
Fully installed and current version of Outlook, Word, Excel PowerPoint OneNote (Access and Publisher only for PC)
Install office applications on up to five PCs or Macs per user
8. Build and run companies efficiently
Plan and coordinate working hours and routine tasks with Microsoft Teams
Enable customers with Microsoft Bookings to reserve and manage online appointments
9. Extended security
Ward off nifty threats in email attachments and links with Office 365
Remove data from lost and stolen devices remotely using the Intune "Selective Erase" function
Using app protection for Office Mobile Apps
Enforce policies with Windows Defender Exploit Guard in Windows 10 to preempt threats
Enforce malware protection to protect Windows 10 devices with Windows Defender from viruses, spyware, and other malware
Configure unlimited cloud archiving and long-term retention policies with Exchange Online Archiving so you don't lose email
10. Device management
Configure security functions and settings for Windows 10 PCs and iOS or Android® mobile devices with an easy-to-use setup wizard
Use Simplified Controls to Manage Policies Applied to Windows 10 PCs Use Simplified Controls to Manage Policies Applied to Windows 10 PCs
Automatically deploy Office applications on Windows 10 PCs
Configure PCs to automatically install Office and Windows 10 updates
Use the MDM (Mobile Device Management) Intune feature to apply security policies to protect business data on all iOS and Android® devices, as well as Windows PCs
Price 4,20 $ 10,50 $ 16,90 $

Customer testimonials

Your questions

Office365 licenses are individual licenses. You can obtain these from us for monthly or yearly terms.

If you have a permanent change of employees, there is no need to cancel the license, but can withdraw licenses and assign them to other employees.

This is what makes working with Office365 so easy. You always have an up-to-date overview on your administration page of the number of licenses and by which person which type of license is used.

License returns are handled by our sales team. Please write an email to

Please note, if you want to return licenses, the term of the license whether it can be terminated monthly or annually.

Of course, we support you in setting up your licenses and administer your software. We coordinate your requirements with you and develop the best settings for you or your company in MS Flows or MS Teams.

Of course, we also adapt Microsoft Dynamics to your requirements. Please visit our website Development and adjustments

If you need several Office365 licenses, please ask in advance for package prices or quantity scales when ordering.

Write us an email

Flexible licensing. Licenses can be transferred to other users within minutes, without having to buy anything new.

Share, transfer and collaborate in the cloud or with external employees and customers.

You can create your work on the PC / MAC and edit and send it on your smartphone. As simple as never before.

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% reliability with 100% production of your data.

This means that even data you have deleted can be restored or backups can be restored.

Data protection of your data is very important to Microsoft. To protect your data from US authorities, Microsoft has rented servers in Ireland and Germany to offer you a Germany or International license (US).

You can therefore decide for yourself whether you want to purchase the discounted US license or the somewhat more expensive Germany license and whether your data is protected from espionage or tracking.